Empower Yourself Challenge

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5 - Day Event
August 2nd - August 6th
10am - 11am Central

FREE Empower Yourself Challenge

You have heard about Empowerment, empowering others but what you haven’t heard more of is how to empower yourself. 

Of course, there are some basic self-care and self-development rituals you might follow. But in this challenge, I will tell you all about empowering yourself. 

These techniques can be applied in any aspect of your life to get more clarity in life and business. It enables you to represent your interests in a responsible and self-determined way. 

Who is this Challenge for? 

Anyone who is:


  • Frustrated with self-sabotage 

  • Doesn’t want to stay in the same place of mental shortcomings 

  • Suffering from Decision Making Fatigue 

  • Delaying Self Development 

  • Tired of things being out of your control 

  • Looking to make your mindset strong with high frequency thoughts

  • Struggling to create and maintain boundaries


Why You should join me in the challenge...

Invest in yourself. 

Everyone is trying to sell you something...some are good and may provide value... Some are utter nonsense and have no idea what they are talking about. 
But amidst everything now you need to empower yourself... And I will teach you exactly how to empower yourself to recognize what you need in life. 

Let me help you experience the joy of freedom. 
Being in total control of yourself and your reactions to life.

This Challenge is Valued at $2,625.00

But you get this for FREE! 

Take a look at what empowered individuals are saying 

Laurie is AMAZING. She can get to the root of any issue you may have, attack it, and free you from your mind. We were accountability partners through our life coaching program, and she has a TRUE gift and this is her life work and passion. Beautiful, wise, and has a great understanding of how to help others shift. I’m so thankful for her! 

I had a beautiful session with Laurie a few months ago. She took a moment in time and shifted my thoughts that it was all about me and my fault. And showed me that it had nothing to do with me and then I could direct those emotions and see where they came from. At that moment I forgave the other person and understood that it was their anger coming back at me and that it had nothing to do with me. I will be forever grateful for that moment. Thank you, Laurie. 


Come Join Me in this Incredible Challenge

Take Back Control of your Own Feelings & Decisions in Life

Empowering yourself should not be a struggle. Learn how to  empower yourself by understanding who you are.

This challenge will:

  • Inspire you

  • Challenge you

  • Empower you

  • Teach you strategies

  • Dive into your thought patterns

  • Give daily challenges to help you implement what you are learning

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